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Tranquility is an integrative healing center and school that helps people connect to their life’s purpose and undergo the healing, transformation, and empowerment that will lead to the fulfillment of that purpose.

Tranquility  Wellness Center is nestled in a beautiful garden setting in Encinitas, California and now the tropical and serene gardens of the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. With their sweet healing cottages, babbling brooks, koi ponds, and brilliant flowers and trees, these amazing centers provide a sacred and peaceful environment for rejuvenation and healing. Tranquility offers a unique approach to well-being through individual healing sessions that include life coaching, Reiki energy healing, Raindrop technique, CranioSacral therapy, massage, cleanses and much more. In addition, Tranquility offers training and certification in Integrative Healing and Yinki® Yoga (the blend of yin yoga & Reiki) through the Tranquility School of Integrative Healing.

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Healing from Within

This signature Tranquility program guides you through the greatest journey of human existence — the journey of personal transformation. The Healing From Within program is a unique approach to healing and transformation that offers customized one-on-one integrative healing sessions.

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Certified Integrative Healer

Tranquility School of Integrative Healing has a unique approach to learning in which the individual is supported in their journey towards embodying the teachings of ancient wisdom traditions from around the world. You will learn how to awaken the healer within by allowing the Divine to work through you in four main facets: Personal Transformation, Reiki Energy Healing, Essential Oils and Crystals.

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Yinki® Yoga Teacher Training

Yinki® is a yoga style and healing modality that integrates Yin yoga, Reiki energy healing and crystal bowl sound healing. In Yinki®, trained Reiki practitioners infuse the Yin yoga postures with Reiki, which assists the students in reaching deeper levels of relaxation and healing. The Yinki® Yoga training is ideal for those interested in becoming a yoga teacher and already certified yoga teachers that would like to add Yinki® as a specialty.

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Increase Your Energy


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Are you a tree hugger?


Are you a tree hugger? 
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Do you want to get high?


Do you want to get high?
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